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Why Do I Keep Doing This? (+ Audio CD)

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The one thing prevents people from doing what they want to do is most usually the fact that people simply aren't skilled in managing their minds.

Hypnosis relaxes and quiets the mind's chatter and will help to ultimately access the qualities and strengths we already possess.

NLP will spell out those strategies step by step. The concepts and mechanisms of hypnosis and the principles of NLP make for effective approaches to self-hypnosis.

Part I covers information about hypnosis and NLP.

You will learn easy methods for:-

  • going into a relaxation state (trance)
  • visualizing results
  • giving yourself suggestions 
  • coming out of a trance.

The CD that comes with the book features a self-hypnosis trance training that guides you through various methods of trance induction.

Part II includes 16 self-hypnosis applications most often used in hypnotherapy, such as :-

  • habits
  • addictions
  • smoking
  • overeating
  • insomnia
  • procrastination
  • emotional difficulties
  • pain management
  • and much more


Author: Judith Pearson PhD   Pub 2011 USA   Pbk  270 pages  + audio CD

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