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The Mouse's House

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The Mouse's House

Mouse finds a new house and calls upon her woodland friends to help her to make it a cosy home, but will it be ready in time for winter?

Combining reflexology with delightfully engaging rhymes and illustrations, this book features easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for giving basic reflexology to a child during a bedtime (or anytime) story.

This unique book, written by a specialist maternity reflexologist, uses this non-invasive complementary therapy to help strengthen the bonding process between parent (or carer) and child and offers a gentle remedy for problems such as sleep difficulties, anxiety and mild pain.

No prior reflexology knowledge is required.


  • Foreword by Barbara Scott, Chair, Association of Reproductive Reflexologists.
  • The Reflexology.
  • Basic Reflexology Techniques.
  • The Story and How to Use this Book.
  • The Reflexes and Characters.
  • The Mouse's House.


'I loved this delightful book, the story, characters and illustrations are very engaging. I am sure that small children will thoroughly enjoy it. The reflexology that accompanies the story offers a unique way for parents and children to share the therapy together. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between the characters and the various areas of the foot. All children love a good story and to have the addition of a caring touch will make it irresistible I'm sure.'
- Jan Williamson, Director of The School of Precision Reflexology, Devon

'What a fantastic idea to link a reflexology treatment to children's story time. I love the idea of engaging the child whilst offering a therapeutic treatment, allowing for a very bonding yet enjoyable experience for both the giver and the receiver.'
- Jane Sheehan, author of Let's Read Our Feet!, The Foot Reading Coach and Sole Trader: The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook

Author: Susan Quayle Pub Nov  2014   Hbk  Picture/story book 40 pages


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