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Personality in the Classroom

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The most savvy teachers not only understand themselves but they understand their students.


By uncovering their student's personality types, elementary and middle school teachers can transform learning in their classroom by improving communication, by developing creativity in their classroom, by building positive relationships with their students and by boosting flexibility and organizational skills that help them to become the best teacher they can be.



David Hodgson has introduced this model to hundreds of schools, primary and secondary, both across the UK and abroad to inspire students, classroom teachers and leadership teams.





This book helps teachers:

  • understand and adapt their natural strengths and style
  • understand the personalities of each student and how to reach them
  • personalize learning
  • teach each student in a way that suits them
  • build resilience and reduce stress
  • develop happy, successful, self-aware and confident students and more


This is another very good book by David Hodgson, on promoting more effective motivation, confidence, personal skills and aspirations of students. It is essential reading for teachers, tutors, mentors, youth workers in schools and colleges who are keen to gain greater insight into factors impacting upon engagement, behaviour, resilience etc. The sections on personality types, leadership styles and skills to promote more effective rapport and overcome personality clashes and difficulties are excellent. With the increased emphasis on promoting teaching skills to engage and challenge students to raise performance levels, this book is an excellent resource for all schools and colleges.

David Hodgson is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and has the British Psychological Society Level A&B, a Diploma in Careers Guidance and a Diploma in Management. He works with young people and those who work with them on motivation, goal setting, life skills and employability.



Author: David Hogson  Pub 2012  UK Pb 272 pages


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