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Michael's music is considered to be some of the finest free flowing, deep relaxation music available. It is perfect for meditation, for going to sleep to, or simply for reflective thinking, dreaming and travelling beyond. For more information visit: www.michaelwild.com.au
2016 marks 30 years of Michael's music and to celebrate the first 3 products below have been released or discounted for a limited period



Cosmos Music Series Compilation
Selected track excerpts from each of the 6 Cosmos Music series CD's on one album - some of Michael's favourites - a Limited Edition CD of over 70 minutes of music.
Cosmos Music Series - 6 CD set
All 6 of Michael Cosmosm Music Series Albums.
$125 (usual value individually $150)
A Musical Journey into the Cosmos
A beautiful full colour large format hard cover book that details the history and inspiration behind Michael's 6 Cosmos Series albums.....
Songs of the Forest
A unique 70 minute recording of Australian forest birdsong, prominently featuring the striking, melodious singing of the Grey Shrike-thrush.....
Star Dreams
Floating Music for Sleep, Dreaming and Quiet Times of Relaxation.....
Earth's Garden
Gentle relaxing music with Australian Nature Sounds throughout.....
Beyond Worlds
Beautiful, flowing music specially designed for deep relaxation, quiet times of reflective thinking, meditation or tai chi. Also very suitable to play while going to sleep. Transports the listener 'beyond'.
Dream Journey
Over 70 minutes of floating, dreamy, relaxing music. For dreaming or just drifting off to.
Contains 2 tracks composed and produced for the ABC
Morning Light
A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of our nearest star.
Heavenly Spheres
A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of the satellites of our Solar System.
Star Islands
Outerspace Music for Inner Space Calm.
Travel 'beyond' with the music of the Galaxies.
Colours of the Cosmos
Relaxing Music Inspired by the Colours in the Heavens!
Dance of the Moons
Continuos play of ambient, spacey, relaxing music dedicated to the Moons of the Solar System.
Inner Horizon
Travel beyond our earthly dimension and explore the boundless wonders of a sweeping inner expanse.
Deep Time
Transcend Time for almost 70 minutes !
Sacred Geometry
Haunting, soundscapes for experiencing the Infinite in the natural patterns and designs that underlie our Universe.
Ascending the Heavens
Heavenly relaxing music for sleep, dreaming and traversing the Heavens.
Celestial Sounds
Flowing, ethereal music combined with the gentle sounds of nature - first released in 1986 !
Sound of Creation
Resonating and relaxing sounds for journeying
beyond to the beginning of all things.
Australian Nature Sounds 4 CD set
4 CD set of Australian Nature Sounds
Volume 1: Water
Volume 2: Birds
Volume 3: Birds & Water
Volume 4: Ocean Waves


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