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Movement & Learning Combination Pack

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Price: $90.00
Combination pack includes all 3 items below:
1. Children's Song Book & CD
Includes Songbook of Words, Music and Instructions with accompanying CD

►Click on the link to listen to a song from the CD:

Helps children develop through song and dance using cross-crawl and other Brain Gym movements. 
Assist them to: 
• Develop Gross and Fine Motor skills
• Co-ordinate the left and right halves of the brain and body 
• Integrate upper and lower body awareness 
• Cross the midline 
• Prepare for and improve reading and writing 

Brendan O'Hara is a kinesiologist and education consultant. He is also a national and international lecturer and presenter. Brendan has taught this program successfully to children in Pre-Schools and Primary schools throughout Australia. He teaches parents, early childhood workers, teachers and carers. “Through the years I’ve used many forms of music and movement for assisting the children's development, this is by far the best. The main benefit is focus and self-esteem.” Kay Leicht, Co-ordinator, St Joseph’s Pre-School, Port Macquarie, NSW.
2. Wombat & His Mates Songbook & CD
Includes Songbook of Words, Music and Instructions with accompanying CD

The sequel to Brendan's first book/CD provides lots of new songs with brain integration activities for each song with a precise explanation of why each activity is of benefit. 

For children 3-8 years of age (includes book and CD),


1. Bean Bag Ditties CD and Bean Bags

►Click on the link to listen to a song from the CD.

Produced by demand from Brendan's workshop participants, this CD is a selection of simple melodies and tunes sung whilst having fun doing the bean bag games and activities. The games and activities which are illustrated and explained inside the front cover help to integrate the primitive and postural reflexes also known as the infant reflexes.

 For children 3-8 years of age. Includes CD and TWO Bean Bags. CD sleeve also has diagrams.


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