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Meridian Exercise for Self -Healing

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Meridian Exercises for Self -Healing

This full-colour, user-friendly book identifies specific meridian exercises to alleviate common ailments, including headache, stress, colds, and flu, as well as more serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. Meridian exercise is a technique developed and perfected over the course of thousands of years in the Asian holistic healing traditions that consists of stretching, rotation, postures, acupressure, and vibration. Perfect for home use or in an acupuncture, chiropractic or bodywork practice, Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing is a practical reference guide and learning tool. This book includes the following features: - Low-impact, time-efficient exercises that bring relaxation, stress management, pain relief, restoration of physical health, and rebalancing of the mind - Step-by-step instructions with accompanying colour photos for dozens of exercises specifically designed for common symptoms - Breathing and relaxation techniques to awaken innate, natural healing power and to maximize the benefits of meridian exercise - Additional explanation of the meridian system of healing


Chapter include:-

Meridian Exercises for specific Symptoms

  1. Brain and nervous System :- headaches, facial nerve disorders, autonomic system, tingling in feet and hands.
  2. Endocrine system :- thyroid, diabetes
  3. Respiratory System :- colds and flu, lung disorders
  4. Bone, Muscle and Skin :- lower back, shoulder , neck and sciatic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis. skin, hair loss
  5. Heart and Circulation :- heart disease, high and low blood pressure, stroke.
  6. Digestive System: GI disorders, liver disorders, diarrhea and constipation, haemorrhoids
  7. Urinary Tract and Reproductive System :- kidney Disorders, bladder infection
  8. Exercises for Women:- Pregnancy, postpartum recovery. leukorrhea, menstrual disorders
  9. Other conditions :- Obesity, poor eyesight, impaired hearing, insominia, hangovers,lethargy and fatigue

Author: Ilchi Lee
Revised Edition
Large Format PB 335 pages coloured illustrations/photos


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