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Healthy Eating in Schools

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Concern over increased childhood obesity has spurred various school-based interventions. However, these interventions often have little positive effect and may inadvertently contribute to unhealthy behaviors during weight loss attempts. Indeed, a general emphasis on appearance and weight (rather than health) can promote eating disordered behaviors.

This book provides a conceptual model for understanding both obesity and eating disordered behaviors. Specifically, it advocates for body acceptance and intuitive eating — a flexible, healthy eating behavior involving awareness of the body's hunger and satiety cues.

Within this context, the chapters review evidence-based school interventions in nutrition, self-regulation, exercise, body acceptance, media literacy, and mindfulness. Guidance is also provided for identifying, referring, and supporting students with emerging eating disorders.

Without empirically supported guidance, schools run the risk of implementing ineffective or harmful programming in an effort to do good. Thus, this book is a much needed resource for teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, and other school personnel.

Part I. Conceptual Framework

1.Defining Healthy and Intuitive Eating
2.Why We Eat the Way We Do: The Role of Personal and External Factors

Part II. The Healthy Student Approach

3.Rationale for a Three-Pillar Approach
4.Pillar I: Intuitive Eating and Nutrition
5.Pillar II: Healthy Physical Activity
6.Pillar III: Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Emotional Regulation

Part III. School-Based Interventions and Policies

7.Preventative Intervention: Media Literacy, Body Image, Body Tolerance, and Self-Regulated Eating
8.Screening, Assessing, and Supporting Students With Eating and Body Image Problems
9.Federal School Food Policies and Professional Guidelines

Appendix A: Definitions of Uncommon Disorders of Eating

Appendix B: Children's Eating Attitudes Test

Appendix C: Intuitive Eating Scale for Adolescents

Appendix D: Body Appreciation Scale

Appendix E: Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire-3 (SATAQ-3; Adolescent Version)

Suggested Resources for School Personnel on Healthy Eating




Authors: Cook-Cottone, Trible and Tylka   American Pyschological Association  Pub 2013 USA   Hb   288 pages.


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