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Finding Your Life's Purpose DVD

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Finding Your Life's Purpose DVD

If you are searching for your true purpose in life,Eckhart Tolle has some straight forward advice for you : stop struggling. For the primary purpose of every human being is simply to be.....fully engaged in the moment and aligned with the natural flow of reality itself. Eckhart invites you to free yourself for the prison of thought based reality and to express in your own way the grand vision that universal consciousness has for your life.

Eckhart in this DVD presentation talks about:-

  • The beauty of effortless being and how to awaken to it
  • Tapping the vast power and intelligence of stillness
  • How to embrace the space rather than the form of this moment
  • Unfolding your purpose through actions in alignment with the timeless present
  • How to see the deeper essence of another human being

Eckhart is an entertaining speaker and you can watch this DVD several times as you gain a deeper understanding of his message to the world.

Author : Eckart Tolle  pub USA 2008  DVD running time 93mins

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