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Books Bringing Current Brain Research & Practices in to The Classroom



Teaching Primary Mathematics
This book covers what student teachers really need to know about teaching primary mathematics and why...........
Bringing Words to Life 2nd Edition
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
Evidence shows there is a strong correlation between vocabularly and reading comprehension across all age groups.....
Motivational Interviewing (on sale)
When adolescents are truly motivated to pursue a goal, their energy, intensity and capacity for change can be remarkable. This pragmatic guide spells out how to use motivational interviewing...
1-2-3 Magic Workbook
This workbook is a companion to the 1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline book and takes parents through the program in a way that maximises understanding, encourages constructive self-evaluation and provides for the systematic planning of parenting strategies....
Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation
How Children ( and Frogs, Dogs, Flamingos and Dragons) Can Use Yoga Relaxation to Help Deal with Stress, Grief, Bullying and Lack of Confidence.
By Michael Chissick and Sarah Peacock the authors of the successful ' Frog's Breathtaking Speech'.....
Reach Before you Teach
Ignite Passion and Purpose in Your Classroom.
Helping students to feel worthy, fulfilled and ready to flourish as learners.......
Teaching Mathematics Visually and Actively ( with Cd) 2ed.
This practical book provides teachers in primary and secondary schools with advice and resources to develop a visual and active approach to teaching mathematics........
Person Centered Therapy with Children and Young People
This engaging new book presents a 'child-centred' model of therapy that is thoroughly person-centred in its values........
Adolescent Literacy: Strategies for Content Comprehnsion In Inclusive Classrooms
For adolescents, with reading disabilities, struggles with comprehension are a major obstacle to mastering academic content areas. Help resolve comprehension difficulties with this practical text, developed for use with students in Grades 6-12 with and without disabilities....
A Guide to Co-Teaching: New Lessons and Strategies to Facilitate Student Learning
3rd Edition
Differentiated instruction for a diversity of learners—it's the reality of today's classrooms, and a tough task to take on alone. But co-teaching more than just lightens your load......
Smart But Scattered Teens
The "Executive Skills" Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential
Does your teen's behaviour have you tearing your hair out in frustration then you may find this book has some answers.....
Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia 2nd Edition
This is an essential read for all dyslexic students in further and higher education.....
Mental Health Practice in Today's Schools: Issues and Interventions
This practice-oriented, one-stop resource addresses the key mental health issues and challenges facing school-based mental health professionals and helps to facilitate effective and focused mental health consultation, training, and counseling within the school setting........
Music Therapy Handbook
A complete and up to date textbook on Music therapy.....
Cognitive Therapy Techniques for Children and Adolescents
Tools for Enhancing Practice
Going beyond the basics the authors provide effective ways to engage hard to reach clients..........
A Cabinet of Curiosities
The Little Book of Awe and Wonder
Engaging learners through awe, wonder and more than just a little bit of ‘wow’!............
Make Learning Personal
The What, Who, WOW, Where and Why.
Many books claim to be about learning - few live up to the claim: this is one of the few. It addresses the key focus for changing classrooms: the culture and language......
The Elements of Counseling Children and Adolescents
Tailored to the specific needs of the child and adolescent client, this concise, easy-to-read primer provides essential and practical guidelines for counselors and psychologists who are training to work with children in both clinical and school settings.......
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