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Books Bringing Current Brain Research & Practices in to The Classroom



Healthy Eating in Schools
Concern over increased childhood obesity has spurred various school-based interventions. However, these interventions often have little positive effect and may inadvertently contribute to unhealthy behaviors during weight loss attempts. Indeed, a general emphasis on appearance and weight (rather than health) can promote eating disordered behaviors.
Exploring Children's Literature
Reading with Pleasure and Purpose 3rd Ed.
Creating life-long readers......
Student Centered Coaching at Secondary Level
A straightforward resource for coaching partnerships that focus on student learning
Improving Classroom Performance
A book full of practical idea that work in the classroom
Practical Applications for Effective Teaching and Learning
For Teachers written By Teachers.....
Thinking Through Quality Questioning
Deeping Student Engagement
This book is the result of professional development program over a period 22 years to provide the framework for quality questioning that will allow students to engage in thinking so that understanding and true learning result....
Positive Behaviour in The Classroom
A Kit Bag for Promoting Positive Behaviour for Primary Schools.
A practical resource that can be used by any teacher at any stage of their career......
Green Light Classrooms
Teaching Techniques that Accelerate Learning.
This is a practical highly engaging book about how to be a highly engaging teacher. Brain Based strategies to give your student's the green light for learning success.......
Differentiating Maths Instruction (3rd edtion)
Strategies That Work For K - 8 Classrooms.
This book includes research on the value of Brain-Compatible Teaching and creative ways to get students visualizing, vocalizing and moving during Maths to make instruction more meaningful, motivational and successful.....
Hands On Learning
More than 1000 Activities for young Children Using Everyday Objects
This innovative resource guides teachers in developing tactile lessons utilizing inexpensive, readily available objects.
Rocket up your Class
101 High impact activities to start, end and break up lessons. Looking for a creative opening, energising middle or a big finish just pick out a relevant exercise from this book and watch the sparks fly......Suitable for primary, high school and corporate
Transformational Teaching
Waldorf ( Steiner )-Inspired Methods in the Public School .
Steiner - waldorf schools are very successful in teaching reading and writing and the development of strong communities. This books introduces the reader to some of Steiner's ideas on how to translate them into our public schools.
Mapping Inner Space
Learning and Teaching Mind Mapping.
Mind mapping is one of the best ways for pouring ideas onto paper. It is more in line with how our creative mind works compared to the traditional linear note taking. Mind mapping is also great for..
Study Smarter Not Harder
This book debunks many of the myths associated with studying techniques.The contents will show you how to master the seven elements of complete study skills allowing you to tap into your potential for maximum performance and increased learning power.....
Social Skills Games for Children
Non competitive games for children to encourage their social development. Over 80 games.Great for parents and teachers.......
What Babies and Children Really Need
HOW MOTHERS AND FATHERS CAN NUTURE CHILDREN'S GROWTH FOR HEALTH AND WELLBEING.By Sally Goddard Blythe author of Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour.
This book represents a milestone in our under-standing of child development and what parents can do to provide their children with the best start in life.
The Kinesthetic Classroom
Teaching and Learning Through Movement.
Current research shows that regular physical activity helps children and teenagers perform better in school. This inspiring book shows you how to integrate movement with classroom teaching and learning......
Happy Kids Happy You Using NLP to bring out the best in ourselves and the children we care for
Do you ever feel as a parent that when you intervene in your child's behavior you end up getting more of what YOU DON'T WANT and less of what you do want.
This book will help you reverse that. Suitable for parents with children age 2 to 7 but the ideas apply to any age group.....
Emotional Literacy in the Early Years
For 3 - 8 year olds.
Emotional Literacy, health and well-being is the heart of good teaching practice. This book provides clear guidance and lots of practical strategies on how to implement these ideas into your setting...
A Developmental Approach to Educating Young Children
Classroom Insights from Educational Psychology helping turn research into seamless classroom practice.Grade Pre-K to Grade 3.
The Effective Teacher's Guide
50 ways to engage students and promote interactive learning. Teaching Practices That Work (2nd Edition)....
Creating Children's Art Games for Emotional Support
Game playing is a highly effective way of engaging children. This book offers an abundance of fun games that help children confront personal problems and issues in a light hearted yet meaningful way.This is an essential book for teachers to therapists and anyone supporting children and young people.
Student Success with Thinking Maps
Suitable for Primary and High School Teachers.
Fully updated 2nd edition.
The latest information from Neuroscience tells us that the brain organises information in networks and maps. So why not teach students to express their ideas using the same method used by their brain.....
40 Active Learning Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom
Suitable for Grades K to 5
Each teacher strives to meet the needs of every child in their classroom, to be inclusive. This book is a resource that will build your repertoire of strategies to support and engage students of varying needs and ages.......
How to Detect Developmental Delay and What to do Next
This is a non academic approach to this serious problem and this book is suitable for Parents and Teachers.
If a child is not meeting expected milestones it can be a source of great anxiety for parents and teachers. This forthright guide offers practical advice on how to recognize the signs of developmental delay, address difficulties effectively, and help the child to flourish.

Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn
A resource for new and veteran teachers offering an accessible step by step guide......
Circle Time for the Very Young 3rd edition (sale copy)
Includes CD Rom - AGE RANGE 3 TO 9 YEARS. Provides teachers and practitioners with everything they need to get going with this great approach to increasing confidence and self esteem....
Focusing and Calming Games for Children
Mindfuness Strategies and Activities to Help Children Relax, Concentrate and Take Control.
Suitable for Children 5 to 12 years old and can be adapted for older children.
Having the ability to focus, relax and concentrate is key to enabling children and young people to achieve emotional well-being.....
Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites
20 Instructional That Engage the Brain.
How can I improve students' retention of content? For any teacher asking this vital question, the second edition of Marcia Tate’s bestseller offers 20 field-tested, brain-compatible instructional strategies that maximize memory, minimize forgetting, and enhance learning for every student........
The Anger Alphabet (2nd Edition)
Understanding Anger - An Emotional Development Program for Young Children Aged 6 to 12 years.
An ideal resource for primary teachers.....
Maximising Motivation for Literacy Learning
Grades K to 6
This indispensable book presents a wealth of concrete ways to promote children's instrinsic motivation to read, providing 30 practical strategies and activities that are ready to implement in the K-6 clasroom....
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