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Developmental Drama (sale copy)

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Developmental Drama (sale copy)

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People living with severe or profound multiple disabilities (PMLD) can often struggle to connect with the world around them. This book shows how, through enjoying dramatic interaction, they can develop their communication skills, learn to deal with emotions more effectively and gain a greater understanding of their physical and social environment.

This guide presents a variety of ways in which drama can be used as a medium for assisting the social and emotional development of people with PMLD, including sensory impairment.

It fully explains techniques that are proven to build confidence and promote participation, and illustrates how to include support staff effectively within the process.

Charting the author's own journey as a dramatherapist, it clarifies in detail some effective approaches and how to address key issues that arise in dramatherapy practice.

This is an accessible and life-saving guide for practitioners looking to use drama in work with people with PMLD, but are unsure where to begin.


  1. Introduction and Acknowledgments.
  2. The Client Group.
  3. The Aims of Developmental Drama.
  4. The Development of Emotional Intelligence.
  5. Support Staff in Developmental Drama.
  6. Structures Used in Developmental Drama. 
  7. Using the Senses.
  8. Elemental Play.
  9. Developing Role Play.
  10. Interactive Theatre.
  11. The Storytellers Circle.
  12.  It's Over to You. References.
  13. Further Reading. Appendix. Beauty and the Beast – a Story for Interactive Theatre. Storytellers Circle Stories. Index.

About The Author

Mary Booker is a dramatherapist with over 25 years of experience working with a wide variety of client groups.

 She has been involved in the education of dramatherapists for 21 years and is currently the dramatherapy trainer on the University of Worcester's MA in Dramatherapy in Exeter.

Alongside this work she has spent 12 years teaching at a school for children and young people with visual impairment and complex needs. She obtained her MEd qualification from the University of Birmingham as a Specialist Multi-Sensory Impairment Teacher.


Author: Mary Booker   Pub 2011 (UK)   Pb. 144 pages


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