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Dance of the Moons

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" The are over 150 moons in our Solar System orbiting around their host planet in a regular and faithful manner, unwavering and seemingly independent of other happenings. However when viewed as a whole, I cannot help but feel that they are all linked in some way, like a community of different families that dance and weave together. Hence this CD is not made of different tracks representing different moons, but one track that weaves this dance from one moon theme to another".
Michael Wild September 2008


Track Titles:

One track broken into the following sections (planet in brackets refers to the planet the associated moon belongs to)

1. Earth's Moon Rising (Earth): 0.00 - 4.50 - sample this section
2. Sea of Tranquility (Earth): 4.50 - 10.45
3. Eruptions of Io (Jupiter): 10.45 - 14.50
4. From Ganymede to Europa (Jupiter): 14.50 - 20.55
5. In the Atmosphere of Titan (Saturn): 20.55 - 26.35
6. Phobos & Deimos (Mars): 26.35 - 32.00
7. Ode to Triton (Neptune): 32.00 - 40.50
8. Passing Oberon (Uranus): 40.50 - 47.20
9. Charon and beyond (Pluto): 47.20 - 52.00

Total Time: 52 minutes (Continuous Play)


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