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Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics Grades 4 -5 (ON SALE)

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Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics Grades 4 -5

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Sale Price: $33

Sophisticated medical instruments have provided us with a unique glimpse into the learning brain. As educators, we can take that knowledge and apply it to teaching in our classrooms.

With the advantage of brain research, we have been able to develop instructional techniques that facilitate the brain's innate learning capacity.

The more teachers know about how the brain learns, the more instructional options they have.

Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 4-5 provides ready-to-use, brain-compatible lessons for mathematics instruction. Each step-by-step lesson includes detailed instructions for the teacher, math activities, and all the necessary reproducibles.

Correlated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' standards and Focal Points, this classroom resource shows teachers how to apply the principles discussed in Sousa's bestseller, How the Brain Learns Mathematics.


Each chapter conttains several lesson plans and activities

1. Multiplication and Division

2. Fractions and Decimals

3. Geometry and Measurement

4. Algebra

5. Data Analysis


'A perfect resource for the standards-based mathematics classroom. Each lesson is simply designed by rich in mathematical content. The real-world connection and use of manipulatives, games, and even items from home will hook the 21st-century learner.

As a teacher, I spend a considerable amount of time searching for appropriate lesson ideas. No more! This collection of lessons-across all math standards-provides me with enough resources to enhance my current teaching.' Rachel Hull, Fifth-Grade Teacher


'A very well-organized resource that will enrich any math curriculum with practical, easy-to-follow activities designed with a variety of learners in mind. I was delighted to see so many 'out of your seat' activities to keep students engaged. The best part is that the author has included quick formative assessments within each activity to check for understanding and gain perspective on each child's math ability at that moment. This is a valuable resource for developing critical thinking skills for our 21st-century learners.' Jennifer Harper, Fourth-Grade Teacher



Dr. David A. Sousa is an international consultant in educational neuroscience and author of seven books that suggest ways that educators and parents can translate current brain research into strategies for improving learning. A member of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, he has conducted workshops in hundreds of school districts on brain research, instructional skills, and science education at the Pre-K to 12 and university levels. He has made presentations to more than 100,000 educators at national conventions of educational organizations and to regional and local school districts across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Dr. Sousa has a bachelor s degree in chemistry from Massachusetts State College at Bridgewater, a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in science from Harvard University, and a doctorate from Rutgers University. His teaching experience covers all levels. He has taught senior high school science, served as a K-12 director of science, a supervisor of instruction, and a district superintendent in New Jersey schools. He has been an adjunct professor of education at Seton Hall University and a visiting lecturer at Rutgers University. Prior to his career in New Jersey, Dr. Sousa taught at the American School of Paris (France), and served for five years as a Foreign Service Officer and science advisor at the USA diplomatic missions in Geneva (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). Dr. Sousa has edited science books and published dozens of articles in leading journals on staff development, science education, and educational research. His seven popular books for educators, all published by Corwin Press, include: How the Brain Learns, third edition; How the Special Needs Brain Learns, second edition; How the Gifted Brain Learns; How the Brain Learns to Read; How the Brain Influences Behavior; and How the Brain Learns Mathematics, which was selected by the Independent Publishers Association as one of the best professional development books of 2008. The Leadership Brain, suggests ways for educators to lead today s schools more effectively. His books have been published in French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and several other languages. Dr. Sousa is past president of the National Staff Development Council. He has received numerous awards from professional associations, school districts, and educational foundations for his commitment to research, staff development, and science education. He recently received the Distinguished Alumni Award and an honorary doctorate from Massachusetts State College (Bridgewater), and an honorary doctorate from Gratz College in Philadelphia. Dr. Sousa has been interviewed by Matt Lauer on the NBC Today Show and by National Public Radio about his work with schools using brain research. He makes his home in south Florida.



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