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Brain Compatible Activities for Mathematics Grades 2 to 3 (ON SALE)

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Brain Compatible Activities for Mathematics Grades 2 to 3 

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Sophisticated medical instruments have provided us with a unique glimpse into the learning brain. As educators, we can take that knowledge and apply it to teaching in our classrooms. With the advantage of brain research, we have been able to develop instructional techniques that facilitate the brain's innate learning capacity.

The more teachers know about how the brain learns, the more instructional options they have. Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 2-3 provides ready-to-use, brain-compatible lessons for mathematics instruction.

Each step-by-step lesson includes detailed instructions for the teacher, math activities, and all the necessary reproducibles. Correlated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' standards and Focal Points, this classroom resource shows teachers how to apply the principles discussed in Sousa's bestseller, How the Brain Learns Mathematics.



1. Base Ten and Place Value
Jumping Jelly Beans
Hundred Board-O
Order Up!
Number Neighborhood
Stretching Numbers
Place Value Pause
Place Value Bingo


2. Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction
Sum Roll
Ball Toss
Math Hockey
Fact Family Trees


3. Multiplication and Division
Tray Arrays
Grape Groups
Button Fact Families
Opposites Attract
Show Me the Money!
Draw and Divide


4. Fractions
Fruity Fractions
Pieces of Pizza
Treasure Hunt
Take a Bigger Bite!
Fraction Cookie Bars


5. Measurement
Measuring Tools
Measure Mania
Me and My Shadow
Race for Time!
Pour It Out
Measurement Scavenger Hunt
Measure My Classroom
Box It!


6. Geometry
Name My Shape
Shape Stories
Shape-y Shake-y
Pattern Block Party
Letter Perfect Symmetry
We’re Congruent
Polygon Art
Shape Sort


7. Data Analysis
Let It Roll
Counting Candy
A Day at the Zoo
Button Bonanza
Weather Watchers
Picture Perfect
Hot and Cold
Eye-Catching Graphs
Survey Says


Journal Page


'Bravo! All math teachers will find a resource that offers lessons and activities that help them provide meaningful instruction while making mathematics more enjoyable to students. Each lesson utilizes many research-based strategies and are based on NCTM standards for Grades 2 and 3. They give teachers the structure to plan fun-filled, meaningful lessons of their own.' Dixon D. Van Hook, Math Coach 'An excellent resource for teachers looking for hands-on activities that help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematic concepts. Sousa provides a plethora of activities correlated to the NCTM standards and that follow the structure of an effective lesson design. Whether you are a seasoned teacher looking for activities to add to your repertoire or a new teacher just building your library of resources, this book is an essential planning tool.' Holly Savoie, Third-Grade Teacher


David A. Sousa is an international educational consultant. He has made presentations at national conventions of educational organizations and has conducted workshops on brain research and science education in hundreds of school districts and at several colleges and universities across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. His teaching experience covers all levels. He has taught junior and senior high school science, served as a K–12 director of science, and was supervisor of instruction for the West Orange, New Jersey, schools. He then became superintendent of the New Providence, New Jersey, public schools. Sousa has been an adjunct professor of education at Seton Hall University and a visiting lecturer at Rutgers University. He was president of the National Staff Development Council in 1992.

Sousa has edited science books and published numerous books and articles in leading educational journals on staff development, science education, and brain research. He has received awards from professional associations and school districts for his commitment and contributions to research, staff development, and science education. He received the Distinguished Alumni Award and an honorary doctorate in education from Bridgewater (Mass.) State College. He has appeared on NBC Today and National Public Radio to discuss his work with schools using brain research. Sousa has a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Massachusetts State College at Bridgewater, a master of arts in teaching with a major in science from Harvard University, and a doctorate from Rutgers University.


Author: David Sousa Pub 2010 USA  Pb 181 pages large format


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