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Brain Box

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There is no right way or wrong way – just a way that is right for the individual student.

In a ‘fun’ tear/write/draw/destroy format The Brain Box is a unique book to help students:

  • be their best at school
  • boost their grades
  • improve their motivation 
  • improve memory, learning and understanding
  • improve exam technique

The Brain Box is your indispensable guide not only to powering through the stress, hard work and brain-ache of school or college, but also to establishing good learning habits and self-motivation which will be invaluable throughout the next stage of your life, whether that be at university or in a career. 

Discover great tips and tricks to master revision skills, revision strategies, study skills and time management. 'Intelligence is a factor, but mostly it comes down to how well you work. Those who work hard or smart tend to do better.'


Chapters include:

  • At the Start: Dealing with Me!
  • Life: Dealing with the World and Finding My Place In It At School or College:
  • Dealing with Others  
  • Finding the Best Way to Work At Home: Dealing with Revision
  • Dealing with Exams
  • Dealing with Results 

The Authors:

David Hodgson is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, has the British Psychological Society Level A&B, a Diploma in Careers Guidance and a Diploma in Management. He is a Training Consultant in the North East who has worked with companies such as Orange, Walkers Crisps, the NHS, the Institute of Careers Guidance and Association of Graduate Careers Services.

Tim Benton is a trainer and educator whose business clients include M&S and Mercedes-Benz. He works with teachers, school leaders, students, parents or governors across the primary, secondary and further education covering learning skills, confidence building and preparing for life beyond school.

Authors:  Hodgson and Benson  Pub UK 2014  Pb 192 pages


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