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Beyond Worlds

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Beautiful, flowing music specially designed for deep relaxation, quiet times of reflective thinking, meditation or tai chi. Also very suitable to play while going to sleep. Transports the listener 'beyond'.


"Celestial Music that is so serene you forget you are on Earth"
Ambience Magazine

"Beyond World's is a remarkable collection of beautiful ambient pieces which are soft, relaxing, gentle and inspirational. Each track is a delight to the ear and soothing to the soul. The album takes the listener on a journey beyond the boundaries of space and time."
The Planet - Music Review

"Thank you so much for your CD, Beyond Worlds. I just love it! We did this amazing meditation and alignment to it at Wellness House and really did connect to other worlds!"
Louise Geldenhuys, SOUTH AFRICA

Track Titles:
1. Flying......9.15 - sample this track
To be free in flight, viewing life from above, we see everything as it really is.
2. Eternal Calling......11.25
From beyond all things you can hear 'The Calling', drawing you closer, to your heart and to your purpose.
3. Into the Light.......10.30
In the essence of all things you will find a glow and a warmth that is beyond all description.
4. Place of Peace.......4.26
Where peace is found there is a joy and a love that lifts our world to a higher place.
5. Adrift in Consciousness.......9.07
We are always adrift in consciousness, connected to all things, near and far, living or material.
6. Angel Presence.......9.18
Always with us, is the presence, that keeps our feet on the path.
7. Heavenly.......4.44
Feel nothing else but that the the Universe is a loving and warm place.
8. Beyond Worlds.......3.49
One does not reach out to the Universe but goes beyond it to the heart of all things.


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