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For Autism and Asperger's we also recommend The Brain Gym program

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Qigong Massage for your Child with Autism
A home program from Chinese medicine.
Age 6 years and under.
Includes Online Materials
What Did You Say? What do you Mean?
120 Illustrated Metaphor Cards with Information Booklet, Ideas and Instructions.
Expressions that don't literally mean what they say can be confusing for many children. Enjoyable and educational, these cards are great for teachers and parents to use in groups or in one to one sessions.........
Music for Special Kids
Musical Activities, Songs and Instruments.
While its designed for children with special needs, the activities are a great resource for any group of young children......
Set for Success
Activities for Teaching Emotional, Social and Organasational Skills.
Suitable for children 3-10 years, but the activities can easily be adapted for older children.
To be Successful into today's world, all children need to become competent in Emotional, Social and Organisational skills.......
Art as an Early Intervention Tool
Art as an Early Intervention Tool for Children with Autism
This book is packed with tips and suggestions on how to provide art therapy for children with autism
Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child
This book contains a specially-designed yoga program for use with children all abilities and provides both parents and professionals with the knowledge they need to carry out the therapy themselves.
Motivate to Communicate
300 Games and Activities for your Child with Autism
Children with Autism tend to live in a world of their own, not motivated as much as others to interact and talk. However, there are activities that can increase motivation to communicate and facilitate social play. This excellent book has 300 of these games and activities that are also great fun for the child and adult.....
Developmental Drama (sale copy)
Dramatherapy Approaches for People with Profound or Severe Multiple Disabilities, including Sensory Impairment
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