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Australian Nature Sounds 4 CD set

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CD 1: Water

Nature Sound recordings of various trickling streams from the temperate eucalyptus forests of Victoria, Australia.
Contains 6 Tracks - Sample Track: East Gippsland 2,  Sample Track: Marysville Trickle

CD 2: Birds

Nature Sound recordings of various birds from the temperate eucalypt rainforests & dry outback forests of Victoria, Australia.
Contains 7 Tracks - Sample Track: Mountainside,  Sample Track: Bushland

CD 3: Birds & Water

Nature Sound recordings of various birds & flowing streams from around the temperate eucalypt rainforests of Victoria, Australia.
Contains 6 Tracks - Sample Track: Lyrebirds & Echoes at Kinglake,  Sample Track: Otway Ranges 1

CD 4: Ocean Waves

Nature Sound recordings from various beaches around Victoria, Australia.  For specialised use, choose a track and put on repeat.
Contains 5 Tracks - Sample Track: Port Campbell,  Sample Track: Gentle Waves


About this Australian Nature Sounds Series:
All recordings by Michael Wild from the 1980's, originally released on cassette. All nature sounds recorded in South East Australia (Victoria).
"There is something special about these original analogue recordings that have lasted the the test of time. It is a pleasure to re-release them on CD decades later".
- Michael Wild, 2014


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